An Inspirational Night


The cheerleaders hold a sign for the West Lake basketball team to run through. Posters were hung all around the gym for both the basketball team as well as Best Buddies.

Emily Mannino

At the West Lake basketball game on Wednesday, March 2, donations were raised for Best Buddies. Those who donated were given a chance to shoot a basket at halftime of the game. Posters were hung around the gym to show support for the basketball team as well as Best Buddies.   

  “I thought the game went good. My favorite part is shooting free throws. I also made two of the baskets at halftime,” Alec Bisone (‘15) said.

  The West Lake basketball team played Crown Point on Wednesday night. The West Lake team had many strong points throughout the game and never lost their spirit. Both teams put up a good effort, but Munster took home the victory at the end of the night with a score of 49-38.

“I think it’s special just being able to watch them play sports that we get to play. I also love watching them achieve skills that we achieve. It’s really inspiring,” Jayna McDermott (12) said.

Many students came out to support the West Lake team as well as donate to Best Buddies. When halftime came, people from the stands and players from both teams came down to the court to shoot a basket.

 “I think it turned out good. We had a lot of good passes during the game. My favorite part is everybody being there and the team supporting me,” Jacob Kiefor (12) said.

  Students at Lake Central get the chance to help coach the team and cheer them on while they play at the games.

“I really like it. I’ve been a peer mentor for a few years now, so I’m used working with them. It’s awesome. I love the experience of being able to work with these kids,” McDermott said.