International Club takes deeper look at Indian culture


International Club meets in C301 after school to hear about different countries around the world. This past week’s meeting was about India.

Abby Hines

International Club held a meeting on Tuesday, March 8, in Room C301. The topic of discussion was India. The club meets once a month, with each meeting highlighting the culture and customs of the selected country. Guest speakers will often attend and give deeper insight on the topic, showing videos and pictures. Students enjoy attending the club because they can have a wider knowledge on the world around them.

“I like [International Club] because I’m interested in traveling when I’m older, so it’s cool getting perspectives from people from different countries. There is a lot of students in Lake Central that are from India or are Indian, so it’s relevant,” Cara Scott (11) said.

During the last meeting, guest speakers Umang Godhani (12) and Jay Chopra (12) explained what life in India is like. Godhani is new to the United States, having moved from India recently with his family.

“I came here with my mom and dad about two years ago. It was kind of nice [speaking at the club meeting] because everyone was listening to me and giving nice responses,” Godhani said.

While Godhani has not always lived in the U.S., Chopra has. However, Chopra often visits India during the summer and breaks. Chopra is a regular member of the club as well.

“I think [International Club] is important because it exposes people to different cultures that they wouldn’t otherwise know about,” Chopra says.