Prepping for Senior Banquet


Senior Banquet of 2016 is coming up. Seniors are encouraged to purchase tickets to join their friends for one last get-together.

Vanessa Torres, Author

Senior Banquet is coming up quickly, on April 15. The Senior Class Cabinet has been working since August to come up with a theme for this year’s banquet.

“We started [planning] in August [by] getting ideas, putting stuff together and figuring what we wanted to do,” Mrs. Allison Peda, English, said.

Although they start so early, things start going into action around January. Tickets have already

gone on sale for Senior Banquet, but many students still have not gotten tickets or do not know how.

“Go to the school store. There’s a link to the school store on the corporation website. Most seniors should have an email with a link which goes directly to the school store’s site to where they should check out to buy tickets,” Mrs. Stephanie Sivak, English, said.

Seniors are encouraged to join their friends for one last get-together. At Senior Banquet they give awards and there is a dinner and the rest of the time is music and dancing.

“It’s a costume party. There’s a DJ and food and we give out awards, which is always cute. [It’s] fun to be with your seniors one last time and celebrate who got best eyes or even best car,” Mrs. Sivak said.

Each year there is a different theme. This year’s theme is “I love the 90s” because most students were born in the nineties and Senior Banquet is a time to reminisce.