Science Club experiences experiments


Katlyn Ardnt (11) attaches an electrode sticker on Michelle Buckmans (11) arm. The Science Club members used Purdue Univerisity’s laptops for monitoring heart rate.

Courtney Rhomberg, Author

On Thursday March 10, the Science Club met in Room C115 to work on two labs.  The students had the choice to work on a respiration lab or a heart monitoring lab.

“[My partner and I] are working on the EKG lab. We are learning about our heart rates, and if our heart rates are abnormal. [What I like about the lab is] I got to see how weird my heart rate is,” Lindsey Buchler (10) said.  

The second lab dealt with the control of respiration, and observed the effects of holding your breath.

“[The control of human respiration lab helps you learn] your average breath per minute and your respiration rate. [The coolest part of this lab is] to see how fast I breathe normally,” Colin Blaze (11) said. 

Both labs were conducted using special laptops that were borrowed from Purdue University.  These laptops had software that can show heart rates and average breath per minute.

“The Purdue laptops were really helpful, they had the programs we needed to do the experiment, and you can’t get the programs on regular laptops. They had systems that hooked up to the EKGs and the Respiration sensors, so that once you were hooked up, you got results almost immediately,” Buchler said.