Meeting with a professional


Students learn about different types of brain damage. Guest speaker Marc. A Lenin, MD, talked to them about the brain.

Morgan Grudzien

Future Medical Professionals had a meeting March 15 in Room C218. A guest speaker came to talk to the members about Neurosurgery and types of brain damage.

“My favorite part is having the professional doctors come in and talk about their speciality. It gives me a better chance to learn more about what they do, and it’s really interesting,” Melicah Rodriguez (10) said.

Members involved with the club plan on having a job in the medical field. This club can help their knowledge grow.

“I want to become a doctor, so coming to the meetings can give me some insight of what becoming a doctor will be like,” Rodriguez said.

The club members listened to the experiences of guest speaker Marc A. Lenin, MD.

“Having guest speakers is a great chance to expand my learning experience in the medical field,” Rodriguez said.

The next time the members will be together is for a ping pong tournament fundraiser on April 14.