A European Holiday in the US


Victoria New and lakecentralnews

St. Nicholas Day will be celebrated on Dec. 6. The holiday is celebrated by the Roman Catholic Church to honor the German Saint’s life.

“I went to a Catholic school, so our religion teacher taught us about St. Nicholas and we celebrated [St. Nicholas Day] in class,” Olivia Birlson (12) said.

People in the United States celebrate this day by putting their shoes outside their houses. St. Nicholas then comes during the night and fills their shoes with presents and candy.

“My brother and I put our shoes down by the fireplace outside of the house, and our parents put stuff we need like socks, gloves and clothes inside them,” Nicole Griffin (12) said.

Although originated in Europe, the tradition of this holiday has spread to Catholic communities around the U.S. The holiday is especially celebrated in areas heavily populated with people of German, Polish, Belgian and Dutch descent.

“I’m German-Catholic; my family celebrates St. Nick’s Day to keep the Christmas spirit going. It reminds you of the church part of Christmas, along with the fact that St. Nick is watching you be good or bad,” Griffin said.