Q&A: Mr. Jeff Rhody, Science


Nicholas Lucas (11) hurdles during the indoor boys track and field meet against Crown Point. The boys continue their season this year in hopes for good weather for the outdoor season.

Abby Hines, Author

Q: How do you feel the season will go this year?

A: We’re pretty optimistic. We’ve got a nice mix of young talent and veterans on the team. The veterans have been through a lot and they’ve seen a lot of good meets. We feel like they could have a lot of leadership to the young guys who are really talented and making their way up.

Q: What are you looking forward to this season?

A: Nice weather would be a nice change of pace.

Q: Any records you guys are striving to break?

A: We’re realistically looking at the personal [records] we have. We’re looking to break the 4×4 relay record.

Q: What big conference meets should we be looking out for?

A: Our last meet is against Portage and Valpo, and that is going to be on May 3 here at Lake Central. That’ll be a big meet as well as the DAC championship.

Q: What is the best part about coaching?

A: You get to see kids and athletes mature, and you get to see them when they come in as freshmen and leave as seniors. [You get to see] just how much they’ve improved and the people they’ve become.

Q: How often does the team practice?

A: Six days a week and there [are] seven distinct groups within the team. Each coach sets their own individual time.