Giving back


Members are informed on all of the papers they picked up. They could fill out a form to become an officer for next year.

Morgan Grudzien, Author

The N-teens members had a meeting on April 12 in the LGI to discuss upcoming events.

“I joined N-teens because I thought it was a really fun organization [and] because a lot of my friends are in it. You do community service, and it’s a good way to meet friends and do community service at the same time,” Sneha Shathish (10) said.

Other than community service, there are different activities the members can participate in.

“We have the Color Run coming up that some of us are running in and volunteering in. We also have a Six Flags trip coming up,” Shathish said.

There are many opportunities to give back to the community and have fun in N-teens.

“My favorite part is getting a lot of opportunities to help out [with], like we got to plan Winter Formal .I like how there [are] a lot of different options for community service and they are all really fun,” Shathish said.

The Color Run will be held on May 14 and the next N-teens meeting will be on April 26.