Varsity Girls Bowling Sets High Game and Series

Jamie Zega and lakecentralnews

On Thursday Dec. 8, the LC Varsity Girls Bowling team took the lead in Indiana High School Bowling for team high game and team high series.

According to the IHSB website, Homestead High School of Fort Wayne held the high team series in the state with a 1904. On Thursday, LC shot a 1014 game, followed by 1003, which put them at a 2017 series, taking over Homestead’s lead. The Girls also beat their own high game of 999, shooting 1014.

“I was very happy with [Thursday’s] performance, but I also think this team should be bowling games like that all the time,” Coach Stephanie Cooley said.

The Girls, currently ranked number three in the region by the Post-Tribune, are excited about this takeover.

“It feels really good. We actually worked as a team and bowled really well,” Allison Sellers (11) said.

The Girls are hoping that this teamwork will lead to more victories through the rest of the season.

“With everybody being like a team, we’re stronger. We can help each [other] out and help fix each other’s mistakes,” Sellers said.