The Rebirth of Scout

Ashley Bates and lakecentralnews

Scout has undergone many changes since last year. This year the school does not have Student Resource Time; the Quiver and Scout staff merged into one. These new changes do not stop in the work environment, but in the products that they produce. Scout’s newspaper moved online so that it could cover events in a timely manner rather than in a printed version, which took weeks to come out with.

“Scout completely changed from a newspaper to a website. We decided to have a magazine but keep the name ‘Scout’,” Miss Carrie Wadycki, publications adviser, said.
The magazine is planned to come out four times in one school year.
“The themes will vary with each issue with the exception of the senior issue at the end of the year,” Wadycki said.
Alexandria Miskus (11) is enuthused about the new magazine.
 “I believe this magazine expands our horizons in many ways. We have more freedom in content and design, as opposed to the newspaper we had last year,” Miskus said. “The print shop isn’t printing the magazine; Herff Jones is publishing it.”