The fun in fundraising


Kristina Plaskett (12) hits the ball back to her opponent. Plaskett was warming up before the tournament officially started.

Lauren Wisniewski, Author

The Future Medical Professionals put the fun in fundraiser with a ping pong tournament held on April 20 to raise money for diabetes.

“At a meeting this year, since last year we chose a very obscure disease, we decided to choose diabetes since it is very prevalent in our society,” Mr. William Keep, Business, said.

The ping pong tournament was started last year and will likely become an annual event.

“This is our second [tournament] and possibly annual. Our first year we decided that anyone can play ping pong, so we decided why not. We had a good turnout. We are just having fun making money for a good cause,” Mr. Keep said.

Students from Future Medical Professionals mingled with other students to play games of single and doubles ping pong. Each division had a bracket and awarded the ultimate winners. The winner of the singles tournament was Daniel Zahorsky (12) and the doubles champions were Justin MacNeill (11) and Michael Zubeck (11).

“[Ping pong] doesn’t really go on here at Lake Central. We did ping pong at our first fundraiser and it was a lot of fun so we continued it,” Anni Rajput (10) said.

The Future Medical Professionals raised money by charging a fee to play the game.  

“I think it’s important [to promote fundraising and research] because school is a place where you can always advertise to a listening crowd of people. In public, many people ignore issues, but in school the students understand what’s going on. School is a good place to start looking for charities because there’s always someone dedicated to a cause here,” Mohammed Hijaz (11) said.