Explaining the physician position


Dr. Rauha Mirmira speaks to the members of Future Medical Professionals about being a physician scientist. Dr. Rauha Mirmira specializes in diabetes and runs a diabetes center at Indiana University Bloomington.

Emily Lisac, Author

The Future Medical Professionals Club invited Dr. Rauha Mirmira, a physician scientist, to discuss his profession and college experience. He explained the process of becoming a physician scientist and the traveling opportunities that have been presented to him.

“I like how [Dr. Rauha Mirmira] said he worked in labs and with people, so he had two different types of atmospheres. That is interesting because when I think of a doctor, I think of the basic work with your patients and not traveling and doing labs. I am assuming that [traveling and labs] is the science part of [the profession],” Andria Talavera (12) said.  

During the presentation, Dr. Rauha Mirmira demonstrated how certain skills they have learned so far are applied to the profession. In hopes of sparking an interest from the students, he mentioned different programs that he helps run, like the M.D./Ph.D Program at Indiana University Bloomington.   

“I have always been interested in learning about the body and I am really interested in how humans live and how everything works. Out of all of the sciences, [Biology] is my favorite. I am interested in going into the medical field and being a physician, but not specifically a scientist. I actually want to be a cardiologist,” Talavera said.