Anja Stanic (12) smiles as she receives her scholarship. The ceremony started at 2 p.m.

Ruth Chen, Author

As senior year comes to a close and the endeavor of facing college soon becomes a reality, the impending pressure of paying for college looms closer and closer.

To help alleviate the stress of paying for college, on April 24 Dollars for Scholars held a scholarship tea for seniors. Fifty-seven seniors received scholarships through many different sponsors.

“I received the Joe Ameling Memorial Scholarship. I had Mr. Ameling in middle school as a gym teacher. When I was in seventh grade, he passed away during the school day. His family created a memorial scholarship in his name to give back to the community. I was very honored because I actually knew him. He really did impact my life and he was just such a nice man. To be able to represent him when I go to [college] in his name is just very honorable and I’m very humbled,” Julia Gruver (12) said.

The scholarships will hopefully set a domino effect of aiding others.

“I think this will help me in the future because of financial reasons, but also I would like to give back in the way that Mr. Ameling and his family have. To experience it on this side will make it easier for me to give back,” Gruver said.

The recipients of the many scholarships walked off the stage with a stressful aspect of college lessened.

“I was really excited to get the initial letter saying that I received the scholarship because I have to pay for college on my own. [Receiving the scholarship] makes me a lot less stressed about paying for college. It is less money that I have to worry about. Any money helps and I feel that any of the kids that got a scholarship will feel this way,” Noelle McBride (12) said.