N-teens begins wrapping up

Rhea Chhokar, Author

N-teens held a meeting on Tuesday, April 26 in the LGI. It was one of the last meetings of the year, allowing members to wrap up their services as the school year ends.

“Towards the beginning of the year I did a lot of volunteering for N-teens at the library and at races,” Maria Morciz (12) said.

Members of N-teens need to have 30 hours of community service completed by the end of the school year to keep their name on the roster, and the award is a free ticket to Six Flags. Their hours and field trip permission slip for Six Flags were due during this meeting.

“I do not go to all the N-teens [meetings]. I usually filter each meeting because they don’t last long, but I had been keeping my volunteer hours updated and staying on top of that,” Noelle McBride (12) said.

The final N-teens meeting will take place on May 10.