Q&A: Kristina Tinsley (11)


Kritsi Tinsley (11) Photo by: Nicole Milaszewski

Amber Stedt

Q: What is your main goal for this season?

A: Individually, I want to go to State. It would be a really cool experience.

Q: What is your goal for the team this year?

A: As a team, we really want to win Sectionals and [the] conference.

Q: How many hours do you practice a day outside of high school tennis?

A: On Saturday I was on the court for five hours playing. During the summer, I usually have a morning hit at 7 a.m. with somebody and play a set. Then have a match in the afternoon.

Q: Being the number one singles player, how would you describe your leadership for the team?

A: Especially being an [upperclassmen, I] try to set a good example for the younger kids. During warm ups, I can’t just hit aimlessly, I make sure that all the singles players are hitting and focused. I can’t do the aimless warmups. We have to have a goal when we are playing.

Q: What is the main team that you want to beat this year?

A: I’d really like to beat Munster again. I guess they’re a big deal because they are State runner ups, but we are kind of a big deal too.