Three’s a crowd, but four’s a party


Jane Wright (9), Morgan Kobisch (9), Max Galocy (9) and Gabriella Hay (9) look down at Olivia LaVoie (9) as her character, Mrs. Teal, faints during their production of “Suspect To Change.” Elise Bereolos (12) and Adam Gustas (11) directed this play about a misunderstanding between friends that turns into a crime.

Jessica Wojton

Theater enthusiasts and fellow freshmen gathered in the auditorium on Friday, April 29 to watch the different freshmen plays. The night consisted of four thirty-minute shows.

“I think the shows went pretty well. We didn’t have that many rehearsals so I was pretty impressed with the outcome,” Olivia LaVoie (9) said.

All of the shows performed were directed by upperclassmen theater students. The shows, in order of when performed were “Subject to Change,” “Betweenity,” “Body Body” and “Banana Nut Split.”

“I remember when I worked with [Mr. Ray Palasz, English] in the contest show this year, it was kind of hard to connect with him because he was an older teacher, but when I was working with students, I felt like it was a lot easier considering I was friends with those students, too,” Kaylie Katsiris (9) said.

For the freshman plays, students only get about a month to rehearse and have to practice outside of school more than they practice in school.

“Whenever we would rehearse, we would only do blocking, the slap [and] the kiss. We would only do certain things that we could only do in rehearsal. It was a lot of outside work [and] shows usually aren’t like that, [but] it was a good challenge,” Katsiris said.

Although the shows were difficult with the time crunch, the students were not discouraged and look forward to what the next year brings.

“This is just a big step for it. My last show I was in I [only] had a few lines. For this show I think I had 70 which isn’t a lot because there are shows where people have 700, but I think that it really helped me with my theater skills. It helped me improve everything than my last show,” Katsiris said.