All the colors of the wind


Samuel Michniewicz (11), Autumn Napiwocki (11), Alexa Szatkowski (11), Michelle Buckman (11) and Madelyn Long (11) throw their color packets into the air after the Color Run. Most participants threw packets around at each other after the race for personal enjoyment.

Jessica Wojton, Author

This weekend marked the first annual Lake Central Color Run. The run was hosted at Lake Central on May 14 and was coordinated by Student Council.

Leading up to the event, many preparations were done by the students in Student Council. Members, along with Mr. Robert Kania, Science, had to plan it all from scratch and work out each part of the event.

“We first decided we were going to do the Color Run sometime during first semester, but we started planning it all in January. We split up responsibilities into five different categories and had five different leaders. Mr. Kania came up with all the different things that each leader needed to get done and we went from there,” Rachel Frieling (11) said.

Aspects that needed to be handled included the race course and other field work, advertisement, sponsorship management and other details involving the run. Although the event took months to prepare, Student Council members felt the stress of planning taught them lessons that cannot be taught in the classroom.

“It was probably the most stressful but the people I worked with and the connections we made were definitely all worth it because I’ve never had a greater day. I felt like everyone really stepped up and exceeded expectations especially because this was our first year doing this. I also learned how to coordinate and work well with a team. It’s been a great bonding and personality building experience,” Rachel Laughlin (11) said.

Along with the members and workers of the run, the runners themselves felt the Color Run was successful and proved to be a fun morning.

“I did the Color Run because I wanted to get into shape and saw that it was for Riley’s, which is a great cause. It was my first color run and it was super fun besides the weather. I loved the end because we had color packets that we threw at each other. [I] would love to do it again next year,” Samantha Szewczyk (10) said.