Lady Indians rise to the top


Caroline Puch (10) blocks the player as she passes the ball to a teammate. Puch made a big contribution to her team’s win.

Kristen Mirabelli, Author

On Monday, Aug. 22, the varsity girl’s soccer team defeated the Griffith Panthers 3-0. The girls’ great communication and strong defense led the team to their victory.

“I think [the girls] played very strong as a team against some tough opponents,” Coach Jenna Nole said.

It was on a first minutes in the first half when, Caroline Puch (10) scored the Indians’ first goal.

“I think we are doing better [as a team] then we were at the beginning of the season,” Puch said.

Stephanie Dijak (10) , helped the Indians with their win by scoring two goals in the second half. The girls  kept up their fight and ended with a victory. Thanks to the coach’s speech, the teammates were able to keep their focus.

“I think I played pretty well against the aggressive opponents [by having] good communication and having each others backs,” Alexis Munoz (11) said.

Munoz plays on defense and helped assist the team with her throw-ins. Munoz hopes to improve on her speed and help build the team’s confidence.

“Please come out and support our upcoming games. We need fans and they are the ones that motivate us,” Munoz said.

The lady Indians will continue to practice as they take on their next home game on Sept. 1 against the Munster Mustangs.