History Club holds first meeting


Mr. Tom Clark, Social Studies, gives an overview of the club as members listen. History Club was created with the help of Mr. Clark last year.

Samantha Szewczyk

Lake Central’s History Club met Friday, August 26 in Mr. Tom Clark’s, Social Studies, room. Many students attended the first meeting of the year.   

“Today we counted 40 [people], not including officers, so it’s a good start. We don’t know how many people will stay [in the club] or come with them, but it’s a good starting number. [It is] much higher than last year,” William Morris (12) said.

Also mentioned at the meeting was the Veteran’s Day assembly. Last year, the History Club planned this event, which was the first assembly in over 20 years at Lake Central.

“We unite as many of the community’s veterans as possible, get them together and honor them on their day. These people gave their lives and their time for this country. We believe that that deserves to be honored,” Morris said.

History Club also assists with the Vietnam Project, which focuses on Indiana Vietnam veterans.

“The Vietnam Project is a project that Mr. Clark has been working on for 31 years with students. The students and [Mr. Clark] go and try to find every single veteran of the Vietnam War who was killed or missing in action,” Morris (12) said.

Mr. Clark, the club sponsor, has had success with the Vietnam Project. This project has brought History Club attention in the community.

“There were 1,621 [Indiana Vietnam soldiers], and as of today we only need photographs for nine,” Mr. Clark said.

Mr. Clark believes that History Club, which was started last year, is important for students and himself.

“For me, being a history teacher, one of the most important things is seeing so many young people interested in history because in high schools, the emphasis is on math and science. [History Club] builds a camaraderie among students [where] they find out there are other people in the school that have the same interests they do,” Clark said.

Morris believes that anyone can join History Club.

“It’s great for anyone. Freshman, seniors, it doesn’t matter what grade you’re in. As long as you want to help people and want to learn history, History Club is the place for you,” Morris said.

History Club meets every Friday after school in room C313.