Students submerge into science


Mrs. Ellis gives a presentation covering the concepts the club will cover throughout the year. Many students decided to join science club to improve lab skills.

Melicah Rodriguez, Author

As the last bell rings on Thursday Aug. 25, a group of eager students quickly sign in and fill up Mrs. Katelin Ellis’, Science, classroom for the Science Club call-out meeting.

“The purpose of science club is to put the energy and excitement back into the study of science while exposing the students to all fields of it,” Mrs. Ellis said.

During the meeting, Mrs. Ellis explained all of the upcoming events, club fees and what to expect from science club. One upcoming event is the science camp outreach for elementary kids in the community.

“[I’m most looking forward to] the labs. I heard those were fun. The guest speakers give you insight on what the future might be, or what jobs you might do or be interested in,” Naazneen Rana (11) said.

Joining Science Club can open doors for students both socially and academically.

“A reason to join science club is to connect with friends, peers and scientists in the community,” Mrs. Ellis said.

By joining the club, students will develop logical thinking and listening skills, as well as the ability to follow directions.

“I’ll know how to do labs better [once I join Science Club],” Ryan Brummet (10) said.

The Science Club will hold meetings on the first or third Thursday of each month, each one discussing the activities and labs coming up.