Boys Swimming with their Eyes on the Prize

Alexia Dukes and lakecentralnews

Despite the setback the Boys Varsity Swim team has encountered due to the injuries of its swimmers, it has managed to pull off a successful season.

“The team has been plagued with some injuries, but we’re still competing and growing as a team,” Andrew Reesmen said (11).

The proof of their growth lies in the new members of their team, the freshmen.

“We started out thinking we didn’t have much to work with,” Michael Skurka (12) said, “but the freshmen have really stepped up. [They] have given the team hope.”

In addition to its strong underclassmen, the team is also gaining back some of its top competitors like Luke Poprocki (11) who was out at the beginning of the season with a torn ACL.

“Luke coming back is definitely going to be the key to our season. He is one of our top competitors, if not, the best,” Skurka said.

Gaining one of their strongest swimmers as well as practicing two times a day, six days a week, puts the boys in good shape to beat some of their top competitors this season.

“I feel like our biggest competition has always been Crown Point and Munster, but this year, we have a chance to coup de tat,” Reesmen said.

Now, LC swim fans hold their breath waiting to see how the season will unfold.