The Interact Club’s first Meeting


On Aug. 29, numerous students fill Mr. Clark’s room. They listened to the leaders explain what Interact club was.

Viraj Patel, Author

Monday, Aug. 29, Interact club held its meeting in C313, Mr. Clark’s room. The seats were almost completely filled and everyone was interested in what the officers had to say. This year’s officers are Rachel Eder(11), Alexis Nikolovski(11) and Caitlin Mavity(11).

“Interact club is a community service club. We do local and international work,” say both Alexis and Caitlin.

“We do Support the Troops; [everything] we get [including] clothes go to people who serve our country. We do the Food Drive, which [will be held] around Thanksgiving,and all [of the items] are going to go to families who can’t afford food. We also do Pennies for Polio which is a fundraiser. We collect money to help countries like Africa and the Middle east, and the [money we collect] goes to make the vaccinations and they distribute them,” say Alexis.

The officers then jumped right into the main reason of the meeting: the pumpkin donation. Currently, Interact club is operating a donation involving pumpkins. People can buy paper pumpkins for one dollar from Interact members. The money then goes to a very important cause.

“The [money we receive from the] pumpkins go to babies with birth defects,” says  Alexis(11).

Interact club does many things to help people around the community and the world.