A No-Show from Bishop Noll

Sam Dow and lakecentralnews

Tuesday, Dec.13, the LC Girls Bowling team waited for its opponent, Bishop Noll. Five minutes after their original set time to start bowling, the LC team came to a conclusion that Bishop Noll would not be showing up.

“[I wasn’t surprised] because it happened to us freshman year, and they had the same coach,” Kayla Timmons (11) said.

The team got in a huddle and talked with Coach Steve Rogers.

“Coach Steve said they didn’t show because they were scared of us,” Samantha Watson (9) said.

Instead of being disappointed, the girls turned the match into a fun competition.

“We were bowling with our freshman team, and we knew it would be a lot of fun because our freshman team is just as good as us and getting better as time goes on,” Timmons said.

The team had a different perspective by playing together. They had a night of competitive bonding.

“I felt pretty good because you got to cheer for both sides,” Watson said.

Even if the night did not go as planned, by watching the team they did not get discouraged and enjoyed their time together.