Q&A with Mason Crawford (11)


Mason Crawford (11) plays the piano before class begins. Mason has been waiting for school to start so he could show off his skills at Open Mic Night.

Adam Kharchaf, Author

Q: What do you plan to do differently with Open Mic Night?

A: I’m not planning to change much, [but] one thing I am going to differently is change the day we meet from Wednesday to Thursday.

Q: What do students do at Open Mic Night?

A: People can meet with us and present poetry, stand up comedy, sing or any other talents they have. It is always going to be a safe place for students to show off their talents.

Q: What are some of your talents?

A: I play can play the ukulele, banjo, guitar and sing.

Q: When and where does the club meet?

A: [We meet] in the library side room facing the performing arts [wing]  right after school every Thursday.