NHS learns the major keys to success


Listening attentively, Jacob Densen (12) is informed about the upcoming blood drive. The next NHS meeting is Thursday Oct. 6.

Nicole Milaszewski

On Thursday, Sept. 1, National Honors Society held their first meeting of the year with the newly inducted members.

“The purpose of the meeting was to reinforce goals, roles and responsibility of being an NHS member. After a long summer and a hectic start to the school year, we hoped to refresh members on expectations and inform them on new opportunities to carry them out,” Justin MacNeill (12) said.

MacNeill, president of NHS, is hoping to lead everyone to success.

“My personal goal [as president] is to give everyone a direct and transparent pathway to realizing their potential to their school and community, by way of seeking out opportunities for them and presenting them fairly and clearly at meetings,” MacNeill said.

A main opportunity presented at the meeting was the biannual Red Cross Blood Drive coming up.

“We are holding the blood drive on Friday, Sept. 23. First, we need volunteers to sign people up during lunch periods the weeks and days prior to the drive. Then, on the day of the drive, we need volunteers to deliver passes, hand out snacks and work the check-in booth,” Hannah Sarkey (12) said.

Through volunteer activities such as the blood drive, NHS members strive to give back to the community they live in.

“My wish is for everyone to graduate in May knowing that through NHS, they enjoyed giving their time to repay an intrinsic societal debt and take pride in reflecting on the fruits of their labor,” MacNeill said.