A Sold Out Winter Formal


Kate Toth and lakecentralnews

The glitz and glamor of Winter Formal is the discussion of many conversations throughout the school. Girls have picked out their dresses, boys have matched the color of their ties and vests, couples are deciding how to split up fees and debate on whether or not to rent a limo is on-going. But for some students, they may not be able to participate in this dance.

“[Dave Otano and I] were both absent the day they were selling [tickets]. Then, he was absent again that Thursday, and I had to take a test after school. I couldn’t wait in line to get them, so Dave went back Friday and they sold out while he was in line,” Michaela McClain (11) said.

This year, many couples were denied tickets to the dance, and for some, this was the last Winter Formal they would have been able to attend.

“I am actually really sad about the whole situation because it is my senior year and one of my last dances that I can go to. I wish they could have gone in grade order again just in fairness for the seniors because these dances are really for them. The sophomores really have two more years to go,” Renee Vukelich (12) said.

The students denied tickets feel very strongly about how the policies of this dance and future dances should be changed.

“They need to move the dance somewhere else to accommodate all the possible students going. LC is one of the biggest high schools around this area, if not the biggest, and I don’t think there should ever be a limit on how many students can go,” Lauren Skertich (11) said.