Senior class cabinet plans ahead

Brianna Clarke

Senior year, and the events that come along with it, can be considered a big part of a student’s life. Planning these occasions require hard work and need a great deal of effort put into it. The Senior Class Cabinet met on Tuesday, Sept. 6 to start discussing the plans for upcoming events.

“It’s fun to be involved and influence [what will happen in] and what we’re going to experience. Last year we planned prom, and it was fun to see [the results],” Victoria Ross (12) said.

With the homecoming dance approaching soon, Senior Class Cabinet has a substantial amount of work on their hands to plan for the second year of the semi-formal dance.

“I’m excited about [having a say in what] the senior shirts [look like] and helping out with homecoming and senior banquet. Those are big moments of senior year, and it’s cool to have some control over that. I like planning those types of [events],” Darby McGrath (12) said.

Senior Class Cabinet still has many events to plan and is putting all of their effort in to make senior year memorable. The next meeting will be on Tuesday, Sept. 13 at 2:15.