Fresh faces, fresh ideas


Julia Nawrot (9) and Brooke Czhaa (9) discussing how they will balance out Class Cabinet and basketball. Nawrot and Czhaa later mentioned that they think that they will balance both activities.

Sabina Solarczyk

Freshmen looking forward to engaging in this year’s upcoming events and wanting to meet fellow classmates can join Freshman Class Cabinet.

“Class Cabinet is an open enrollment club that is available for all [students] of that particular class. It’s a club that can bring together the unity of that class,” Mrs. Amy Rokita, Westlake, said.

The members of the club will meet throughout the school year. The meetings are every other Tuesday, starting Sept, 13, in room C325. Additional meetings will occur around Homecoming and Spirit Week and these dates can be viewed on Canvas.

“I’m excited for Spirit Week and Homecoming. It sounds fun to plan everything,” Julia Nawrot (9) said.

Aside from decorating for Homecoming and planning Spirit Week, members will also have the opportunity to design spirit wear, hold fundraisers and facilitate next year’s Freshman Rush. These are just some of the advantages of joining the club.

“[I joined the club so] I’ll have clubs to put down for National Honors Society junior year,” Savannah Yamat (9) said.

Joining Freshman Class Cabinet can benefit it students in many ways. This club looks great on a college applications and can also help get students into more beneficial clubs like National Honor Society. Other than these major advantages, one of the most important things is that this club will make the students’ first year in high school spectacular.