History hysteria


Molly Fischer (10) and Mia White (10) gaze at a World War II commemorative pocket watch. The watch was one of the many items examined at History Club.

Sabina Solarczyk, Author

History Club is an extracurricular that is held by Mr. Tom Clark, Social Studies. The club allows students to further their history education outside of the classroom.

“We’re doing projects like working for veterans, helping out at cemeteries, trying to help museums and whatever we can do. We try to make people more aware of how cool history really is,” Clark said.

The History Club visits museums to give the club members an in-depth learning experience on the topics they are learning.

“We’re planning on having some field trips to the Museum of Science and Industry. One of the main things that we would see there is the German submarine U-505. There’s another museum in Skokie. It’s a Holocaust museum, and we are planning to go there,” Clark said.

Mr. Clark’s goal for History Club is to broaden the Lake Central student body’s interest in history.

“I joined because I enjoy history and thought it would be interesting to see more of what it is and what it is about. I think it is pretty cool so far,” Samantha Mantoan (11) said.

Students involved in History Club will have opportunities to voice their ideas and get the change to make them happen.

“The officers help guide the club and take their ideas and put them into action. We plan most of the set up, but whenever they have ideas they come to us. We have different committees that they get to work, like the decorations committee, the set up committee and ushers,” Alexis Nikolovski (11) said.