Almost, Maine

Anna Weber and lakecentralnews

Laughter filled the LGI as Zachary Buntin (10) was hit in the head with an ironing board by Gina McDonnell (12) during the play, Almost, Maine. Buntin played a character that was unable to feel pain and lived his life by lists that his brother helped him create. 
“It took us forever to time the hits right in order to not hurt each other, but I’m glad [because] it paid off in the end. I’ve never really done stage hits to that extent before, but it was fun while it lasted,” Buntin said. 
The play was staged by the “Free Candy” improv group from the advanced drama class.  It is a series of vignettes that take place on a Friday night in Maine in a secluded region that is too desolate to be considered an actual town, so it is just referred to as “Almost.”  The play is a series of stories about characters that fall in and out of love in unexpected ways with all the comedy in between.

“It was fun seeing teenagers all acting out the romantic roles, and I also thought they were hilarious with their parts,” William Barry (12) said. 
The cast has been working on the play since late November as part of their second quarter project- the scripted show unit.

“There’s not much space to store props and set pieces. The tech is harder to run, and the stage is way smaller,” Alexandra Dumezich (12) said