Science Olympiad starts its scientific season


Students sign-up for events to compete in later in the year. Members were required to sign up for at least four events.

Molly Fischer

Science Olympiad met Monday, Sept. 26, after school to start the season off by having all members pick events such as Optics, Biology, and Physics.

“I want to try to find a build event, and I hope to go into some chemistry labs too,” Nicole Geer (12) said.

A build event is where the students build a machine or contraption and show what it can do at the competition. Later in the season, members will compete in the events they chose.

“Our whole goal is nationals, and I feel like we can make it this year,” Rachel Kozel (12) said.

There’s a lot of work done outside the actual competition in Science Olympiad and students start preparing weeks in advance.

“For a state competition, I stay up late trying to organize all the information I need to know. For a build competition though, it’s just a lot of collecting data,” Mitchell Witt (10) said.

Despite all the hard work and time it takes to be successful in Science Olympiad, the bonds that come out of it makes it worth it to the group.

“Everyone becomes a family, and we all work together. We all enjoy learning, and that makes it the best part because here you have this whole community that likes to learn,” Kozel said.