Beginning of a New Chapter: Starting Early

Brittney Seapan and lakecentralnews

Senioritis: the overwhelming desire to do as little as possible and still graduate. At LC, seniors get the option to graduate after the first semester. A portion of seniors took that option to start a new chapter in their life.

Graduating early lets them feel as though they are becoming young adults. They get an opportunity to start fresh for a new future.

“I decided to graduate early because I’ve always been in a hurry to grow up, I guess. I just wanted to get ahead in the game,” Olivia Jallo (12) said.

To other early graduates, this was more than just wanting to get high school over with. This was their shot at beginning a successful career.

“When I joined the National Guard, I wanted to do my training straight through, but since I was missing credits, I couldn’t. I decided [that] I wanted to finish up as quickly as possible so I could leave again for training,” Ally Niksich (12) said.

Although leaving early takes away the excitement of being a senior, these graduates believe that the decision they made will benefit them in the future.

“Graduating early was definitely bitter sweet, but with so much to look forward to, I don’t think I’ll regret my decision. I feel like my senior year went by way to fast, and the last thing I want to do is grow up. Though, I think being a January grad is one of the best decisions I could have made. A few years from now I think I’ll look back and be happy with the choice I made,” Taylor Green (12) said.