A night at Club Blue


Madeline Andrews (11) dances with her group of friends at the Homecoming dance. Andrews was one of the many students on the dancefloor.

Justin Andrews, Author

On Oct. 1, students celebrated Lake Central’s second semi-formal homecoming dance. The dance started at 6 p.m. and came to a close at 10 p.m.

“Homecoming was very exciting. It could not have been more perfect. Everyone looked gorgeous and the decorations were amazing. It did not even feel like I was at Lake Central. I am glad I went and got to enjoy myself with my friends,” Madeline Andrews (11) said.

After taking pictures with their groups, students lined up outside of the door in anticipation to see how the school was decorated and to start dancing. As students began to enter, they could see the blue lighting and decorations hanging down in Town Square and the Rotunda. Homecoming gave students a chance to have fun with friends as well as to celebrate the victory of the football team the previous night.

“I was really excited the whole time. Even though it was cold outside, it was still exciting just to be dressed up and around people I am friends with. I was the most excited while I was waiting to get in. Hearing the music down the hall got me really pumped, and I was already starting to dance before I made it to the dancefloor,” Lindsey Buchler (11) said.

Although the dance was four hours long, time seemed to fly by as students rarely left the dancefloor. Students got to make new friends and memories.

“There were a lot of people, but I think that made it a little bit more fun because people would just come up and dance with you. I am not a person who dresses up regularly, so it was fun for a change and to take pictures with my friends. Altogether, I had a really good night with all of my friends, and I am really glad that I went,” Clairese Urchell (11) said.

Unlike formal and prom, freshmen students can attend the homecoming dance. This gives all of the students an opportunity to get out and have a good time.

“I think it was a good idea to let freshmen go to homecoming because they are not allowed to go to any other dance. It is their first chance to go to a real high school dance,” Urchell said.