Meg Falat and lakecentralnews

Brad Uzubell (11) stared out his bedroom window to a backyard full of bright lights spelling out “Formal? .”

Lauren DiNino (11) went to Uzubell’s house after her practice one day to decorate his backyard with lights. With the help of Kyle Uzubell (12), Brad Uzubell’s brother, DiNino and Kyle Uzubell used Christmas lights to ask Brad Uzubell to Formal.

DiNino originally wanted to use candles, but due to the weather conditions that night, she was unable to do so.

“It was really simple. It was really bright, and he was able to see it clearly through his bedroom window,” DiNino said.

Unfortunately, DiNino did not get to see Brad Uzubell’s reaction to the brightly-lit backyard because she had to leave.

“I would’ve thought it was cute,” DiNino said when she was asked how she would have reacted.