Senior Sweatshirts

Michael Daniels and lakecentralnews

Senior Class Cabinet has designed a hooded sweatshirt that will be offered to seniors.
The sweatshirts will cost approximately $20, and the sale will begin within the next few weeks. The base material will be a dark gray color supplemented by the design on the front. The back of the sweatshirt will feature both the graduation year and the motto of the Senior Class: “Take pride in how far you have come, have faith in how far you can go.”
“We wanted a modern design that’s classy and wearable for both genders,” Class Vice President Anna Weber (12) said.
There are two purposes for the sale of these sweatshirts. The first is to unify the Senior Class while maintaining a sense of school spirit. The second is to raise funds for the Senior Banquet that occurs in May. The theme of the banquet is still undecided. Senior Class Cabinet will vote on a theme much like it voted on the sweatshirt design.
“The cabinet voted on two design options for the sweatshirt, and the winner was very clear,” Class President Rachel Giese (12) said.