A New Type of Science Club


Students perform an experiment called Halloween tricks. These tricks implemented scientific principles in fun experiments.

Viraj Patel

Students gather eagerly in Mrs. Katelin Ellis’, science room, C115, after school on Thursday, Oct. 6. The meeting began discussing future plans for the club and the experiments they would later perform.

“We did slime, which is chemistry based, and we did oobleck which is biology based. Then they did the balloon rockets, which is physics. Then they did [an experiment] called Halloween Tricks, [which included] making centrifugal force with the balloon, making a loud noise [with a cup and string], called the screaming banshee and [demonstrating] center of gravity by balancing a bird on your finger,” Mrs. Ellis said.

The experiments done at this meeting were different than Science Club’s usual experiments.

“Today’s experiments were geared towards the camp. This is our first year doing this camp. It’s our fundraiser, so we reached out to the third and fourth graders to get them interested in science,” said Mrs. Ellis.

The Science Club meeting held today was in preparation for the Elementary Science Camp.

“We have 120 campers coming next Saturday. For three hours, they are going to rotate from station to station doing different labs and experiments, which are lead by the high school counselors. The high schoolers were practicing that today,” Mrs. Ellis said.

Another camp will be held in the spring, and it continues to thrill many students in Science Club.

“[Science Club] is a lot of fun. I would definitely recommend it,” Jessica Kiefor (11) said.