Zero to Hero


Liz Markiewicz and lakecentralnews

When Brandon Stefano (12) first walked into LC his freshman year, he had no intentions of joining a sport such as swimming. 

“[Mr. Doug] Burns was the only reason I started swimming.  I never was in Barracudas or anything like that,” Stefano said.

Going into a sport without having any prior experience would be tough for anyone, but Stefano stepped up to the challenge.

“I knew it was going to be hard, but I had no idea how tough it was really going to be,” Stefano said.

Making the JV team his freshman and sophomore year, Stefano ended up really enjoying it.  Although, when some of his friends started to move up to varsity, JV did not seem as enjoyable anymore.

“Brian Capua (12) and Devin Rohrbacher (12) moved up to varsity my sophomore year.  I wanted to beat them, so I got better and started working.  When I went a minute in the 100 butterfly at a meet, I recognized that I could put myself out there,” Stefano said. 

His junior year, Stefano was given the chance to move up to varsity.  He ended up becoming an important part of the Boys team, especially at Sectionals.

“After being oiled up and tapered, I went a 55.5 in my 100 fly.  I looked at the clock and my heart was racing and I couldn’t stop smiling,” Stefano said. 

This year, his senior year, Stefano was voted team captain by his peers.  He motivates his team at practices and always encourages them to work hard.

“This season is going good; I am going just as fast as the Sectional time I went last year.  Every time I lose at a meet, I work that much harder at my fly in practice,” Stefano said. 

Stefano’s favorite events are the 100 butterfly and 200 medley relay.  His goal for this season, team-wise, is to beat Munster. 
“Next year, I don’t know what I am going do. [Swimming] takes up most of my life.  I might swim in college, who knows,” Stefano said.