Repeating history with heritage


The History Club members met in Mr. Tom Clark’s, Social Studies, room C313, on Friday, Oct. 14. The club will meet in the LGI from now on.

Radosav Mihajlovic

The History Club met in Mr. Tom Clark’s, Social Studies, room on Friday, Oct. 14, after school. The club discussed upcoming events and different historical topics.

“History club is a way for students to come after school and learn some fun facts about history and have fun,” Alexis Nikolovski (11), an officer of History Club said.

Nikolovski spoke about the history fact for that day and also spoke about the special topic for the day.

“Every meeting, we put on a new fact about history on the board. If there is a special occasion, we put on a second one. For Hispanic Heritage Month, we did a fact for that,” Nikolovski said.  

The History Club’s officers and members are also in charge of putting together the Veteran’s Day Ceremony.

“We have students signing up for committee, so they can be more involved because we don’t want all the officers taking it all. We want it to be more student involved,” Nikolovski said.

The club members all share the common interest of history, and that is why they meet every Friday to discuss it.

“It is a great way to bring everyone together, and all of us have had Mr. Clark or like Mr. Clark as a teacher. It’s a good way to bring everyone who has a shared common interest together,” Josh Klocek (11), an officer, said.