New beginning for Academic Super Bowl


Members of Academic Super Bowl listen to Mr. Josh Clark, Social Studies, talk about how competitions work. There are five different categories in each competition that members can compete in.

Courtney Rhomberg

On Thursday, Oct. 13, the Academic Super Bowl club held their callout meeting in room C307. The students involved signed up for which categories they will be competing in.

“[Academic Super Bowl is] a club where you can test your knowledge outside of school.  The different categories are English, Math, Social Studies, Science and Fine Arts. I have been in Academic Super Bowl for two years.[It helps me in classes] because occasionally I encounter topics that we are also discussing in class. It gives me an advantage because we get earlier exposure [to certain topics],” Mohammad Hijaz (12) said.

This year, the team plans on creating shirts to wear at competitions.

“Most teams last year had shirts [for competitions], and we didn’t. We are going to get shirts with ‘Lake Central Academic Super Bowl’ on them. [Academic Super Bowl members] will have to design them,” Mr. Josh Clark, Social Studies, said.

The theme of the competition this year is French Revolution. Each category will hold aspects from the French Revolution in the questions.

“In each of the categories, we will talk about the French Revolution in general, or anything that pertains to that time period. For the Fine Arts [category], there will probably be pieces from that time period,” Nicole Geer (12) said.

Academic Super Bowl is for all grades and lets students explore different categories and subjects. Students work together in teams to win competitions that take place in the spring.

“A lot of the students get along really well, and it’s fun to go on the trips. In general, it’s just the competitions and the competing [that make this club fun]. It’s like an adventure. We go into the competition together and just have fun,” Clark said.