Exploring the mystery behind Parkinson’s Disease


Nicole Geer (12) and Rachel Kozel (12) discuss possible upcoming events. They are the leaders of WISE.

Kylie Thomsen

Women in Science and Engineering, WISE, has many guest speakers come throughout the year to present to the members of the club. On Tuesday, Oct. 18, there was a guest speaker, Megan Duffy (‘09) who spoke to the current members of the club.

“I was a little confused, but I think that is because I did not fully understand the subject matter of parts of her presentation. I thought the content was very advanced, but she presented it with confidence as if we were colleagues,” Natasha English (11) said.

Duffy’s presentation was based on her time after high school and her research on Parkinson’s Disease.

“[Duffy] talked about her job, college and what she did. She does research for Parkinson’s Disease at Michigan State. She was really good. There were a lot of scientific terms and research. You could tell she was really smart,” Naazneen Rana (11) said.

At future meetings there will be more guest speakers, and the club members will start planning their educational trips.

“I think there are more guest speakers coming in, [but] I don’t know who. There is a possibility that we might be going on a college visit to Illinois Institute of Technology, and there is another possibility that there will be an energy trip to the wind power farm,” Rana said.