History in the making


Students use the typewriters brought in by the officers of History Club. A presentation about the history of typewriters was given during the meeting.

Mia Brann

Students filed into the LGI for the History Club meeting held on Friday, Oct. 21. Two officers, Caitlin Mavity (11) and Alexis Nikolovski (11), stood on stage to discuss upcoming events and orders of business, as well as introduced the meeting with a history fact.

“The history fact today is about Juliette Gordon Low, and some of you may know who she is. She is the founder of American Girl Scouts. An interesting fact about her was that she was deaf in one ear. At her wedding, you know how people used to throw rice at weddings, she got rice stuck in her ear. When the doctor went to remove it from her eardrum, she eventually went deaf,” Mavity said. “A funny thing about that was when she got older, she pretended she couldn’t hear people, so they would always have to do what she asked them to.”

After producing a laugh from the club members, Mavity and Nikolovski introduced Samantha Szewczyk (11) and William Morris (12) for their presentation on typewriters.

“It’s hard to keep up with newer subjects that people find entertaining. I have to give Sam credit where credit is due because she thought of this great typewriter idea. Hopefully, we can do more presentations like this where we can bring light to different artifacts and such that we’ve collected over time,” Morris said.

The officers have great hopes for the continuation of meetings being held in the LGI where there is space available for the members to be comfortable. The passion of the members is what drives the club to success.

“I have been in History Club since its creation, but I have only been an officer for last two years. I joined History Club because I’m a history buff in general,” Morris said. “Being able to share my interests and my knowledge with those who may have not heard about it or just want to get into history makes me happy. Inspiring new history buffs is great.”