Joyeux Halloween


Claire Karberg (10) makes a Halloween themed card at French club on October 25. Students made Halloween themed crafts at the meeting.

Danica Mileusnic, Author

Spanish may be the most popular language taken at Lake Central, but students taking french gather once a month at French club. Students participate in activities relevant to french culture and what activities are going on that month.

“Today’s activities were discussing and getting names for officer elections and also talking about some of the requirements to be a french club member as well as familiarizing ourselves with french terms having to do with Halloween and just having a fun time making Halloween cards,” Ms. Beverly Bovard, world language, said.

Next month French Club ‘elections’ will take place. There are four available officer positions President, Vice President, treasurer and historian. Ms. Bovard thought it would be a cool idea to have elections near the American election.

“[Elections will be] November 29 at our next meeting and ,in the meantime, I will be posting statements of the people who want to run for election and those will be like those campaign posters,” Ms. Bovard said.

French Club also helps underclassmen immerse themselves in French culture.

“I like learning about [french] culture, doing seasonal activities, and of course the food,” Brianna Rhomberg (9)  said.

When asked about their favorite thing about French club, many said their favorite aspect was being able to immerse themselves in a different culture and meeting new people they haven’t met, considering the size of the school.

“[My favorite part of french club is] being with other people who love to speak french just as much as me,” Lia Rynberk (10) said.