Sharing talent free from judgment


Dylan Foster (11) tells a joke to warm up the crowd. Foster was the first performance of the meeting.

Kate Nowicki

Open Mic is a student-run club where students can attend every Thursday after school to share their talents.

“It’s a really positive environment, and everyone is super encouraging,” Isabella Gomez (12) said.

Run by Mason Crawford (11), Open Mic is a safe environment for students to perform in front of their fellow classmates without fear of judgment.

“[My favorite thing about Open Mic is] seeing people come out of their shell and create new things to perform,” Crawford said.

On average, anywhere from 14-20 students attend each week, but not everyone performs.

“I usually do stand-up comedy. That sounds really lame, but I just want to make everyone laugh,” Kaylie Katsiris (10) said.

Katsiris attends Open Mic every week and tries to perform at least once every month, she also helps campaign for the club.

“I love that you can be yourself, and no one really judges you. That sounds cliche, but I feel like it’s really cool that everyone can just do whatever they want,” Katsiris said.

Open Mic showcases all talents. The club has seen everything from slam poetry to double jointed wrists.