A fresh leader


Members of the freshman class cabinet discuss their candidates for office. The selected officers will be involved in meetings with the administration.

Emily Gaines

On Tuesday, Nov. 1, the freshman class cabinet held an election for officers. The winners of the election will be announced next week.

“It’s pretty important since the president will be speaking on our behalf at different meetings with school board members,” Yianna Kouros (9) said.

The new officers will help guide the group and interact with faculty and administration.

“I feel that the [officer] roles help [the students] to develop more leadership skills. I think the students don’t usually get those experiences too often,” Mrs. Amy Rokita, West Lake, said.

The class cabinet is a way for students to make a difference in the school.

“It seemed like the most appealing club to me because there’s a lot of opportunity. I think we’re going to help incoming freshmen who are new to the school feel more comfortable,” Kouros said.