Pre Prom Priorities


Mrs. Joan Loden, Mathematics, speaks to the Junior Class Cabinet members about prom themes. Mrs. Loden talked about past prom dances to spark some inspiration.

Nicole Reitz

Although prom is still months away, planning is already a main priority for the Junior Class Cabinet. Members of the Junior Class Cabinet gathered in E224 to discuss the theme for the 2017 prom, which will be held in May.

“Since homecoming, we have been gathering every other Wednesday to gather ideas for prom pictures and themes,” Tara Rosenwinkel (11) said.

Junior Class Cabinet members already had a theme picked out, but the N-teens formal committee ended up choosing the same theme.

“It’s a little frustrating that formal took our theme because now we have to start all over and look at numerous backgrounds,” Morgan Grudzien (11) said.

With much discussion, members of Junior Class Cabinet have looked through various photo backgrounds and magazines to find a theme everyone can agree on.

“We haven’t officially chosen our theme. There were a lot of good photo backgrounds and ideas and we still need to put all the ideas in our heads together,” Lauren Wisniewski (11) said.

To fundraise for prom, members sold Fannie May chocolates over fall break to pay for the cost of souvenirs and photographers.

“I think fundraising and selling chocolate is really going to help us in the future when buying souvenirs for the dance,” Grudzien said.

Since the theme is not finalized, members will meet again after school in E224 on Wednesday, Nov. 16.