Becoming part of history


Mr. Tom Clark, Social Studies, gives a brief overview of the club’s future events. The club will be split up into different committees for hosting the Veterans’ Day Assembly.

Melicah Rodriguez, Author

As an influx of students fill the LGI for the History Club meeting on Nov. 4, the club officers prepare their announcements concerning future club events, dues and current events.

“History Club enables students to engage in the past. A lot of people aren’t in APUSH or U.S. History, and the perspective that Mr. Clark brings to the club really engages students,” Ishika Prakash (11) said.

As History Club grows in numbers, Mr. Tom Clark, Social Studies, has seen many changes in how the club has progressed over the years.

“It’s getting bigger. Bigger and better. It’s more in depth now. The last meeting was over the history of typewriters, and I thought it was going to be boring, but it was actually really interesting,” Mr. Clark said.

If students are looking for an educational, yet fun, outlet of learning, the History Club provides just the right discussions and perspectives to share.

“Students should join History Club to be more informed about history, and it’s just really interesting. We get to help out with the Veterans’ Day Assembly, and that’s a big part of what we do,” Rachel Eder (11).

The Veterans’ Day Assembly will be held on Nov. 15.

“For the Veterans’ Day Assembly, we are going to start with with the veterans eating breakfast. There is going to be a display of history and artifacts they can engage and relate to, and there will be a wall with all of their names on stars. Everyone is going to talk to them, honor them and just make them feel good,” Prakash said.

Students will be able to come out of History Club not just discussing history, but eventually becoming a part of it.

“The people, they’re really interested in history big time. They are not only interested in learning about it, they’re also interested in going out and doing something about it. To make their lives better, to make the world better,” Mr. Clark said.