Campus Life creates memories


Mr. Nathaniel Jones, Music, leads “cross the line”. The activity highlighted issues that participants face in and out of school.

Samantha Szewczyk, Author

Campus Life, a Christian-oriented group, met Nov. 8 in the cafeteria. The club has a history of engaging activities for its members.

“We hang out, we listen to music, there’s chips [and] we talk. One time people had to eat baby food, and another time people were bowling with pumpkins,” Kaitlin Broz (11) said.

The club also plans trips to many different locations throughout the year, including a trip to Florida that will occur during spring break.

“We have trips every year, we go to Florida for Lake Central’s spring break. We’ll take a bunch of students down to Florida for a week, and then over the summertime, we’ll go on a trip to Missouri. We just got back from a camping trip. We do a lot of different stuff,” Jeremy Melf, one of Campus Life’s leaders, said.

The club is part of a global organization that serves as a community for students to be a part of. It has started with humble beginnings at Lake Central.

“It started here at LC with Sara [Burgett], who is now my boss. She started it a few years back because there was a lot of issues going on at Lake Central with high drug abuse rates at the school, high suicide rates and just a lot of really bad stuff going on. We figured maybe they could use somewhere where they can have people who hear them out and love them even though they are having hard times,” Melf said.

Broz started participating in Campus Life in January and has been coming to meetings ever since. This club holds much value to her.

“Friends come, and it’s a good way to meet new people. Being a Christian, I do like it. It’s like another youth group to me,” Broz said.

Campus Life meets next Tuesday at 7 p.m.