Into the callouts


The auditorium was filled with parents and students, eagerly waiting to hear information about the musical. Auditions were Tuesday, November 22.

Radosav Mihajlovic

Students and parents attended a callout meeting to receive information about the upcoming spring musical, “Into the Woods,” on Nov. 15 in the auditorium. The director of the show Mrs. Pam Neth, Arts, and assistant director Ms. Nicole Raber, Guidance, told the audience about the requirements for the musical taking place in March. The musical is a mash-up of many different fairytale characters who all meet their fate.

“What I talked about was on the surface level. Fairytales are all together. There are good things happening in Act 1. The second act does not go so well because you have people dying and cheating on their spouses, that sort of thing,” Mrs. Neth said.

Mrs. Neth decided that she wanted to take on more of an interpretive approach to making the musical come about.

“On a deeper level, the approach that we want to go with is Act 1 represents childhood and Act 2 is more adulthood and the more sophisticated issues you get into as an adult,” Mrs. Neth said.

Students were eagerly waiting to hear the news about the musical and already have plans on what they want to do in the show.

“I am hoping to act,” Adam Gustas (12) said.

Although Gustas, who recently played James in “James and the Giant Peach”, hopes to act, he would not mind being on the opposite end.

“[I] hopefully [see myself] in the cast. But anywhere they want to put me [is fine]. I just like theater,” Gustas said.

Another student hopes to reprise her role on tech in the spring musical.

“I did set construction for ‘James and the Giant Peach,’ and it was really fun. I would really love to do that again, but I am comfortable with any position that they are willing to give me,” Lauren Kamykowski (11) said.

Kamykowski also hopes to gain more experience from doing a variety of shows.

“I think [a musical] would be a lot more fluid, but I have never done a high school production of a musical, so I do not have much experience. Doing James and the Giant Peach was so much fun,” Kamykowski said.

Halle Pederson (12) expressed her desire to perform and the way it makes her feel.

“[I prefer to do] a musical because it is just more intense, and it gives more of a thrill. [A musical]  has a little more excitement and pressure than [a play], and the pressure just drives me to do more,” Pederson said.