All for love


These Campus Life members are playing a card game while waiting for the leaders to announce that the meeting is starting. The card game was a magic trick that was started by Tony Pacheco (10).

Jovana Laporsek, Author

Campus Life met on Nov. 15  in the cafeteria to spread their love and religion. This week’s theme was “Love me.” The theme focused on expressing feelings and talking about love. The meeting gave a feeling of comfort to those wanting to share and express their emotions on the topic.

“I really like talking about deeper [topics] here because I feel safe, and I feel like whatever happens in our ‘small groups’ will stay there unless it’s harming us,” Erin Plenus (11) said.

Campus Life is religiously based, but religion is not its essential focus. Any student who wants to make friends and share their thoughts may join. The group focuses on making students feel accepted and helping them through tough times.

“At the end of the day, we do love God, but we are not going to force that on anybody. We just want people to know that this is somewhere where they can feel loved,” Campus Life director Jeremy Melf said.

The meetings are themed to spark interest to members. Many of the students described this week’s theme as a great way to open up and share their feelings.

“I personally really like [this week’s theme] because in a school of 3,000 people, there is not a lot of opportunities to talk about real, personal problems. I think here it’s a perfect opportunity for people to open up,” Isaac Beatty (10) said.

The next meeting will take place on Nov. 22 in the cafeteria.