Gymnastics team traveled to Crown Point to take on the Bulldogs.


Angela Gerlach and lakecentralnews

Because Crown Point is one of LC’s biggest rivals, the Girls were very excited for the meet.

“Everyone was really excited because we didn’t do very good last week, but we practiced really hard the day before,” Emily Costello (11) said.

After arriving at Crown Point, they began to practice; suddenly, a tragedy happened.  Costello injured herself during the warm-up.

“I was doing a front on floor, and after the first one, my back cracked and after the second one, I fell to the ground.  The trainer said it was a muscle spasm, but there was nothing I could do about it except ice it,” Costello said.

With Costello down, and two other girls injured, the team only had five girls to compete against the Bulldogs; however, the team still challenged the Bulldogs to the best of its ability.

“We only lost by about six points, and we came really close to winning despite all of the people being out with injuries,” Haley Bartolomei (12) said.

Although Crown Point was the victor, the Girls still were happy with their overall performances.

“We did really well.  It was our best meet yet,” Katelyn Brown (11) said.